Quartz sand
H.80 x W.110 x D.110cm



2024 Exhibited at ISOLA, Milan


Rubble masonry

This artificial-stones-stacked table, Fieldstone, marks the convergence of digital fabrication and stone masonry. Beyond encapsulating the core principles of artificial rocks, this innovative piece introduces a novel aesthetic dimension to the realm of 3D sand printing and the future of craftsmanship. This artistic pursuit transcends the creation of functional objects; it aspires to redefine the relationship between crafted elements and the natural world, contributing to an evolving narrative at the intersection of art, technology, and craftsmanship.


Future craft

This project is working with Zongru Wu and manufactured by Sandhelden, known as binder jetting, this innovative technique enables Erco Lai to fully explore the realm of creative form generation. By utilizing binder jetting technology, Erco Lai gains the flexibility and precision needed to push the boundaries of design, crafting intricate and imaginative forms that might be challenging or even impossible through traditional methods. Furthermore, this approach creates an engaging dialogue between the worlds of handcrafted artistry, the properties of various materials, and the realm of contemporary design.

Assembly steps

2024 ISOLA

Undertone, Milan

2024 Because of JoaN

The nature of something, Amsterdam

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