Galvanized steel
H.12 x W.8 x D.8cm



2017 Presented in Fabcafe Taipei
2018 Exhibited in Not Just Library, TDRI
2018 Exhibited in Creative Expo Taiwan


Industrial Geometry

This is a project that works with a 25-year-old OEM factory in Taiwan.
This local factory fabricates the machine's shell and structure for living. The concept is based on what they have already been doing and uses the material they are familiar with. It was inspired by large material dispensers. The hopper has an ergonomic slanted design, which makes reaching for a pen effortless.


Sheet Metal Manufacturing

A project working with a 25-year OEM factory based in Taiwan.
The factory is skilled at laser cutting, metal sheet folding, and welding, allowing for the creation of precise slots with minimal bending to form a container. With a range of colors from galvanized steel sheet to powder coating, the factory can provide a variety of options, and Erco Lai engaged into the process closely. Furthermore, they are able to produce complex geometries and shapes with their laser cutting technology, providing a level of precision that is difficult to match with any other production method.

Special Edition

With TPCreative

The Electrical Transformers Reusing Project, from container to container, strived to work with TPCreative together to revalue retired/obsolete components from the power grid system. As the first step, Erco Lai decided to give the painted electrical transformers new lives.

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