2023 Presented in ALCOVA, Milan
2023 Presented in Maison&Objet, Paris
2023 Presented in Mint gallery, London


Future Craft

Tafoni is a 3D sand printed vase inspired by the weathering and erosion patterns of rocks. Created with 3d sand printing by Sandhelden, Tafoni features stacked modeling and showcases the fusion of natural textures with modern manufacturing technology. This visually stunning and sculptural vase pushes the boundaries of traditional design, offering a unique blend of nature-inspired aesthetics and innovative fabrication techniques. Elevate your space with this mesmerizing vase that combines organic and technological elements in a harmonious and artistic way.


3D Sand Printing

Manufactured by Sandhelden and recognized as binder jetting, this innovative technique enables Erco Lai to fully explore the realm of creative form generation. By utilizing binder jetting technology, Erco Lai gains the flexibility and precision needed to push the boundaries of design, crafting intricate and imaginative forms that might be challenging or even impossible through traditional methods. Furthermore, this approach creates an engaging dialogue between the worlds of handcrafted artistry, the properties of various materials, and the realm of contemporary design.


2023 ALCOVA, Milan

Further reading

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