2021 Feeel Design Award - longlisted


Modern Asian Style

With inspiration from the traditional Asian wooden shelf, this design was originally intended for showcasing merchandise objects. Now, Erco Lai tried to reform it with modern materials and to seamlessly integrating into any contemporary living scenario. It is a timeless piece that has been reimagined to provide both practicality and style. Whether used as a bookshelf, a display unit, or simply to store items, this shelf is sure to bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to modern home.


Sheet Metal Bending

To create the form of water flowing, the platforms are made of metal sheets with huge radius bending. The wireframe system is designed to give a strong structural framework and borders, while the powder coating helps to make sure the shelf is more durable and has an anti-slip surface, thus creating a safer environment. By combining the metal sheets with the wireframe system and the powder coating, the platforms will be able to hold up to the elements, making them suitable for a variety of different uses.

Special Edition


This presentation showcases the imaginative and creative abilities of Erco Lai when working with different materials, both natural and artificial. By utilizing techniques such as geopolymerization, pulverization, and digital fabrication, he reshapes existing materials to create a new, artificial nature that is entirely his own. The collection series includes not only the Neostone series, which designers have been researching since 2021, but also a range of furniture inspired by various landscapes. These pieces combine materials and forms to present an even more imaginative "second nature", while also highlighting the fusion of Eastern aesthetic forms and Western material rationality.

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