H.36 x W.65 x D.65cm



2020 Design for 20MM Concept


2π is 360 degree, a round, an end and a start.

Just as this mathematical constant encompasses the full circle, this marble collection draws inspiration from this enduring symbol of unity and completeness. With an experimental approach to shapes, Erco Lai explores the harmony between the revolving and looping forms. Each piece is a testament to the profound continuity encapsulated by the circle, offering not only a visual feast but also a philosophical journey through the intertwined concepts of shape, symbolism, and the never-ending cycle of existence.




Water jetting

This project was made possible through the collaboration with a marble factory in Taiwan, which served as a critical component. The factory's expertise in marble processing, use of cutting-edge technology, and skilled workforce played a pivotal role in ensuring precision and quality.

Erco Lai and the factory worked together seamlessly, making the most of their respective strengths to successfully complete the project. The partnership exemplified the effective combination of innovative design concepts and the factory's production capabilities, resulting in the achievement of project milestones while upholding the unique standards of craftsmanship.