2021 selected for the Blue Economy Design Award



This project works with Biophilica and Bluecity. The material is Treekind®, a new plant-based, recyclable, compostable, low-resource leather alternative that is completely free of plastic polyurethane.

The design of this series is like origami, formed with one piece of leather. Erco Lai would like to design beautiful home accessories that can merge into today's modern style. To show the beauty of this unique leather, Erco Lai thinks a polyhedron is a good way to show various angles and tension on the surfaces.


Hand craft

It contains decent craftsmanship, with features such as hand stitching, crease stamping, and weaving. The design of the piece has taken inspiration from the way in which natural objects grow and develop. For example, in the design, the bottom is a rectangle, but the top is an octagon, resulting in a gradual enlargement of the body. It is a subtle but effective way of creating a unique and interesting piece of craftsmanship. The colors and textures used in the design reflect the natural environment, giving the piece an organic look. The combination of craftsmanship and natural elements make this a truly special and eye-catching piece, perfect for any room.

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